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Suitable for anyone with medium to high stress levels, a chronic health challenge / disease; a high risk for developing such (e.g. family history, high or high normal blood screening tests, early or later changes in breast thermograms, etc.) as well as metabolic syndrome, weight management problems and mental-emotional or psycho-spiritual concerns (e.g. looking for meaning and purpose, feeling ‘stuck’ or blocked).

  1. Three monthly, personal e-mail consultations with Dr Arien van der Merwe

i. Introduction, health risk assessment, incl. wellness, medical & stress evaluation, discussion of process, specific needs & requirements on your healing journey, questions, what to read and learn. The journal process. Healthy eating plan. Week by week program explained. Biological evaluation: Blood profile requested as necessary – referral to your local laboratory for tests, to be e-mailed or faxed to Dr Arien.

ii. Discussion of blood profile results. Practical stress management techniques recommended, personalised for your needs and requirements. Nutriceuticals & botanical medicine recommended and prescribed, as and if, necessary. Journal process progress.

iii. Closure and way forward. Done after 4 month repeat blood screening, stress & health risk assessments.

  1. Additional three interim personal e-mail consultations with Dr Arien van der Merwe for practical stress management and relaxation training & journal work. (More sessions can be booked if required).
  2. Books: Stress Solutions & Health & Happiness. Journal to accompany you on your healing journey.
  3. CD: Relax & Unwind for Body-Mind Resonance
  4. CD: Deeper relaxation tracks to guide you into deeper levels of healing, accessing deeper and slower brain waves for brain re-patterning, to learn to function from a level of relaxed awareness, rather than an anxious, distressed awareness.

               Reading & listening reference list included

               Price: R2900.00 in total    CLICK HERE TO ORDER from the Product Catalogue

  1. Nutriceuticals for 3 months, depending on screening results (discounts on regular price)

Basic 3 (Antioxidant Balance, EPA/DHA (Omega 3), Calcium & Magnesium

Additional if necessary:

Female / Male Balance, Cardio Balance, Glucose Balance or Arthro Balance. Specific herbal remedies. Chakra oils.

Nutriceuticals: Medical Food to assist Weight Loss, Gut Health, Female Health, various other combinations.

This is why I decided to create a Happy for No Reason coaching program. People often say to me that they’re “sort of happy” most of the time. Well, that’s not what we’re here for. That’s like winning six gold medals when you can have eight.

We’re here to be happy for no reason. I’ve seen how coaching can make the difference between being somewhat happy some of the time to experiencing deep and lasting happiness.

 Over the next few weeks, try out these 3 coaching tips:

  1. Make a conscious effort to let go of any defensiveness and be open to feedback from others. Often they can see what you can’t.
  2. Find someone in your life you respect, and ask them to tell you the one most important thing they would coach YOU to do to be happier. Follow through on their advice.
  3. If you see something in another person you think they should change, look to your own life and see if that’s something you need to change as well.

Trying these can give you a taste of the breakthroughs that coaching can bring, so you can get your eight gold medals in happiness.

Happiness isn’t what we have or what we do…

Happiness comes from our core sense of who we are – it comes from a neurophysiological state of inner peace and well being that isn’t dependent on circumstances.

What does it take, then, to be happy – for no particular reason?

  • Happy, not because you have money – because you may not always have it
  • Happy, not because you have a great house – because, as many of us now realize, a house is not forever!

Happy not because you look great or even because you have great health – b

Which mindset will you choose?

Every day you choose your mindset – every minute. You choose to be happy or unhappy – and most of the time, you don’t even realize that you are choosing! You are unconscious about it.

Most of us think that the circumstances of our life determine if we will be happy – and that is the myth that I am up to busting here.

YOU can decide to be happy!

YOU can decide to take action in creating your happiness in life!

And YOU can decide to be happy for NO reason…

Now, why would you want to be happy for no reason?

Isn’t it better to have a reason? To plan and strategize for how to be happy?

Well, you could do that – you’ve probably done it before, right?

You’ve had moments when you were happy… Moments when it seemed that everything was going your way.


You could choose to be amused by what other people say and do – and pretend to be happy – until you are back home, alone with your thoughts; repeating in your head “Is this it?” Is this all there is?” Why can’t I be happy with what I have?”

When I begin my work with people on how to be happy for no reason, one of the first things we talk about is your response ability… You might think that’s a typo – the way it’s written, right? a little odd, I agree. But it does make a point. Being happy requires that each of us take a good look at our “Response Ability” – our ability to respond to the circumstances around us

  • Because as you age you may not be quite as lucky as you hope to be…

No, happiness comes from the choice you make – the choice to be happy – for no reason.

I’ve talked often in the work that I do about your “happiness set point” – think of that as your “thermostat” of mental health. 50% of it is determined by genetics and circumstances – and a full 50% is determined by you and the mindset you choose.


Feedback from someone who completed the E-course

Dear Arien. I’m so much better than the same time last year, before I started with the E-course. I think your course had a major impact in this regard. Sometimes life is a bit hectic and I don’t have the time for everything, but as I feel my stress levels rising, I go back to what I learnt in the course. I think the health coaching process was really worthwhile.

Thank you very much!    Dr C Naude; Cape

CLICK HERE TO ORDER from the Product Catalogue

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