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Four Levels: Healing your HeartFour Levels: Healing your Heart

1. Physical Level:

Opening your heart – healing your physical body to release cell memories, optimize physical health and use the body to connect to your mind, emotions and soul essence

  • Identify body signals of severe stress: feel the pain, anxiety, restlessness, insomnia, depression
  • Breathing exercises to open the chest area, expand the lungs, increase oxygenation of cells: belly or diaphragmatic breathing, bellows breathing, alternate nostril breathing
  • Progressive deep muscle relaxation
  • Specific yoga exercises: head, neck and shoulder stretches and rotations; cobra pose; half locust pose; head-to-knee pose; forward bending pose; shoulder stand, even if you simply lift your feet onto the seat of a chair; chest extension or fish pose; spinal twist; sun salutation; dead man’s pose to end
  • Work with arms – reaching out, drawing in with dance movements such as Nia technique dance, body stress release, applied kinesiology, and slow, mindful movement like Tai ‘chi.
  • Following a heart health eating plan (the Weight Control Clinic eating plan)


2. Emotional Level:

Opening your heart – healing your emotions or feelings towards yourself and others

  • Work on releasing past emotional injuries and hurts
  • Forgiveness of self and others
  • Work on relationships, release of sorrow, guilt, acceptance of self and others
  • Anger management: learn how to acknowledge the intense energy of anger and allow it proper expression


3. Mental Level:

Opening your heart – healing your thoughts

  • Use heart centered positive affirmations and directed visualizations to sense feelings of love, joy, peace and happiness within the heart. Also using the image of the sun, placing it in the heart and then allowing the moon to place itself over the heart. This allows for a balance of male and female energies within the heart.
  • Go on a journey of self discovery: acknowledging and releasing deeply ingrained unconscious patterns of behavior that do not serve you any longer, through journaling, psychotherapy, free hand writing, and inviting your Higher self or superconscious mind to join hands with you as conscious mind, as well as your subconscious mind, the three then becoming One, as clear and open channel for Divine Intelligence to effect the actual healing.

 4. Soul

Opening your heart – connect to your soul

  • Meditate regularly: mindfulness, witnessing, visualization meditations work well for the heart
  • Releasing the shadow deep inside the subconscious mind through transpersonal and soul based psychotherapy
  • Quiet time, soul reflection and contemplation

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