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Stress, wellness and nutrition: 3 hour workshop, 1 day corporate training or 2 day courses available

Stress management, nutrition and wellness will be considered from an integrative perspective, where physical body, mind, emotions and soul are equally important. The tone remains light, with emphasis on personal experience and interaction . Life is also about fun and laughter, especially while learning new life enriching tools and techniques! Become all you’re meant to be!

Accumulated stress in your early 20’s to 30’s plays a pivotal role in health problems rearing their ugly heads in your 40’s and 50’s! Start now. Invest in your present and future health.

Basic stress info:

  • What is stress? The stress survival response.
  • Isn’t stress only for wimps and weaklings?
  • Won’t I be too laid back to be productive when I practice stress management techniques?
  • What does stress have to do with ailments and illness?
  • What is the difference between relaxation and stress management?

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