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Facebook post on Metabolic Syndrome

In a recent Facebook post based on an article that Dr Arien shared:

This is a very interesting article and emphasises once again what Dr Arien says in her book (Managing Diabetes and Related Health Challenges) on insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome.

Comment on Facebook post:

Eating sugar causes depression and inflammation. I realise that since I am on Banting and when I cheat and have a sugar binge I start to feel really depressed. Sugar is so bad for you!

Dr Arien’s reply:

‘Refined white sugar & white flour, as well as too much of even the healthy, complex carbs, are but expressions and food-mood manifestations of the real culprit which is actually the cell membranes’ resistance to insulin. Once insulin sensitivity is restored through ketogenic or low carb healthy fats (oils) eating, interval exercise, working on releasing trapped emotions through self-love & forgiveness, and daily deep relaxation practice, inflammation will subside and body will heal. ‘Inflammatory’ thoughts, leading to inflammatory emotions, causing an inflamed body must be addressed at source: connection to the Self whose Mind is wholly healed and will guide the body to its natural state which is to be healthy. Blessings.’