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Deep solutions are needed for today’s problems. Stress levels are at an all time high. Our modern day society has all the technological advances and immense superficial knowledge (as well as the problems!), created by our highly intelligent left brains. However, we are more stressed, depressed and unhappy than ever before in human history. Financial woes, health risks and chronic diseases of body and mind, abound. We forget that we also have a right brain and pineal gland, totally neglected and underdeveloped in most of us! We have unlimited potential as human beings, able to use both sides of the brain. We are all yearning for inner peace, a calm and relaxed way of being in this world. We want to discover our right minds, to live in harmony with ourselves, our natural environment and others. Deep relaxation training will help you become quiet enough to listen to the still voice of your soul, the guidance and guru within. We all remember deep within our innermost being, our true state of being: to live in joy, at peace, in harmony!

Learn to master and manage your stress, to relax at will and live life from the still centre of a quiet mind!

8h30-9h00 Registration & calming herbal tea warmer to set the mood
9h00 Getting ready, preparing, calming down for relaxation
9h15 Short discussion of the science behind meditation and deep relaxation – Dr Arien van der Merwe
9h15 20 minute video of left & right brain function from the direct experience of a neuro-anatomist after recovery from her stroke at 37 years of age
9h45 Deep relaxation 1 – Dr Cecile Gericke
10h15 Mind-body relaxation exercises to stretch and prepare the body – Dr Arien van der Merwe
10h45 Deep relaxation 2 – Dr Arien van der Merwe
11h30 Discussion, sharing experiences
12h00 Refreshments


The facilitators:

Dr Arien van der Merwe MBChB (Pretoria) FRSPH (London) MISMA (UK) is a medical doctor, health coach, internationally published author and specialist corporate health and wellness service provider. She has extensive experience in workplace wellness, stress management and health promotion through well researched health solutions, wellness products and sustainable interventions, incorporating the power of thoughts and emotions (mental-emotional aspects) and their effect on physical health and wellbeing. Dr Arien has been elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Public Health (FRSPH) in the UK for the work she does in South Africa to promote public health and wellness through education, training and communication. She is also a Member of the International Stress Management Association, UK branch. Dr Arien writes books, health info booklets and training manuals, develops programs and presents regular executive health coaching, wellness/peer educator training, stress management and workplace wellness talks, workshops, courses and seminars. Her passion is to teach others (while she herself is learning!) how to deeply relax and reprogram the mind to find inner peace and calm.

Dr. Cecile Gericke, Registered Psychologist & Wellness Coach;, teaches others to ‘Be your own life coach’: Become your own life coach by recognizing recurrent patterns and traits in your life.

Date:    Saturday  15 August 2009

Time:   8h30-12h00

Venue: Martie Leach & Associates

15 Ninth St, Menlo Park, Pretoria.

Tel:      012 755 6641 / 012 460 0191 / 

Price:   R650 per person incl. the relaxation CD by Dr Arien van der Merwe, light refreshments and a special gift.


Space is limited. To secure your place make an EFT payment into the following account. Use your name as reference and then email/fax proof of payment to

Banking details:
Account name: Health Stress Management (Pty) Ltd
Bank: FNB
Branch: Lynwood – Pretoria
Branch Code: 252-045
Account Number: 621 327 19066



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