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Category Archives: My Fabulous Fat Loss Journey

My Fabulous Fat Loss Journey 3: Exercise is Medicine I watched an awesome TEDx talk, and I decided this will be the next post for my fabulous fat loss journey. To summarise: it was to emphasise how depression is increasing yearly and is now a global epidemic. Clearly antidepressants aren’t working and depression rates are read more…

My Fabulous Fat Loss Journey 2: Wine Not? The Wine and Dine Disaster Written by Anri van Rooyen I am now past my 3 week mark with ‘My Fabulous Fat Loss Journey’, click here for my first entry. So far so good, I am standing at 1.6kg of fat loss in less than 3 weeks, read more…

My Fat Loss Struggles & Solutions Get these tips and more when joining our Weight Control Clinic. We assist you on your fat loss journey. See 'My Fabulous Fat Loss Journey' here. It will help you out with yours. Let us help you by supporting you, motivating you and giving you advice plus solutions for read more...

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