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Benefits of Exercise

The following are a few of the positive effects that can occur due to physical training:

  1. Increased energyReasons to exercise
  2. Physical training is a form of stress management
  3. Fewer physical complaints e.g. aches and pains
  4. Decreased hypochondriac tendencies
  5. Decreased anxiety
  6. Improved digestion
  7. Improved self image and self-confidence
  8. It leads to an attractive and streamlined body
  9. Great for fat loss and maintaining proper weight
  10. Increase in bone strength
  11. Delayed ageing
  12. Easier pregnancy and childbirth (female)
  13. Improved, more restful sleep
  14. Increased concentration
  15. Greater perseverance
  16. Improves cardiovascular health, therefore a decreased chance of cardiovascular diseases (like a heart attack), but for e.g. if a heart attack does occur the physically fit person is more likely to survive, compared to a more sedentary person.


As you can see exercise is a must and should form part of our daily lifestyle to reap the benefits!

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