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Timeless DNA: Beauty of Being

Youthful Living Program

Brain re-patterning, releasing trapped emotions, creating inner peace, joy, playfulness and serenity through an active Mind-Body-Soul Lifestyle Program to reprogram for optimal health, perpetual optimism and youthful living. 

Plan your Fabulous Future: Practical Strategies for Positive Wellness throughout a Long, Joyful and Healthy Life

 Calling all Baby Boomers (Those born more or less between 1946 and 1964)

The Series will be presented by Dr Arien van der Merwe (Medical doctor, Specialist in Natural Medicine, Mind-Body & Integrative Medicine), holistic health practitioner, author, baby boomer and lover of life!

If you want to get the most out of a long and healthy life, you need to know how to choose wisely and well.  It is never too early or too late to make positive changes!

Health & Happiness in a nutshell

In ‘Health & Happiness’, Dr Arien explores the connection between stress and good health, and how cultivating a life where stress is managed, implicitly leads to improved health, wellbeing and longevity. She explores the different aspects of a healthy lifestyle – ranging from exercise, relaxation, and the correct use of vitamins, minerals, bioflavonoids, amino acids and herbs, to the importance of food supplements for sportsmen and -women.

Dr Arien’s Timeless DNA™ Program in a nutshell

A multi faceted integrative program, that follows a spiral journey inward and outward, with no beginning and no end. Where you start with the program, therefore is not important; that you actually start anywhere, is!

Step 1: The Serum to reactivate Telomerase enzyme in cells of skin, while deeply nourishing and supporting optimal skin cell function, reducing wrinkles, restoring collagen and youthful looking skin – Beauty Without.

Step 2: Heart-Brain-Body Support Nutriceutical (‘food as medicine’) food supplement range to support cell function and cell-to-cell communication in all organs and systems – Beauty Within.

Step 3: Youthful Living Program – Brain re-patterning, with emotional release work, creating inner peace, joy, playfulness, serenitythrough an active Mind-Body-Soul Lifestyle Program- Beauty of Being.

Timeless DNA™ Program

Youthful Living

You are invited to participate in a Series that could change your life and how you view your ageing process – with emphasis on longevity, rejuvenation and new ways of thinking – let’s explore the possibilities together!

Moving to positive wellbeing: joyful, thriving, flourishing!

Wellness Paradigm

The Series will be presented by Dr Arien van der Merwe (Medical doctor, Specialist in Natural, Mind-Body& Integrative Medicine), holistic health practitioner, author, baby boomer and lover of life!

Did you know that it is perfectly possible to live life well for at least 120 years? Wouldn’t that be wonderful if we retained our wits and mind-body health?

Did you know that you can choose your biological age?

Did you know that changing limiting beliefs and behaviour, combined with willingness to change, trump genetics when it comes to influencing how you will age?

What to look forward to in this program/ workshop:

  • The old and new paradigms of ageing
  • Heart and brain: new science
  • Epigenetics: you are not a victim of your genes after all!
  • DNA telomerase enzyme activation
  • How to harness the power of your subconscious and super conscious minds to realise the life you desire
  • Tips for heart, brain and body support
  • Timeless DNA™Dancing and PlayFunFitness™
  • Inspiring creative activities to implement your fabulous future NOW: practical and fun!

If you want to get the most out of a long and healthy life, you need to know how to choose wisely and well. It is never too early or too late to make positive changes!

Content of Series will be based on Dr Arien’s Timeless DNATM Program and her book ‘Health & Happiness’internationally published by Fox & Raven, May 2014.


  • Our generation, the Baby Boomers, do not accept that ageing is inevitable. We also know on a deep level, that the 50’s is the start of a whole new life, and not a winding down at all. The traumatic transition of empty nest syndrome and ending careers, jobs or relationships, once acknowledged, deeply felt and then deliberately let go of to move on, becomes the seed of a new beginning, new avenues of exploring all Life has to offer!
  • HOWEVER, we still carry old parental, even ancestral, limiting beliefs, habits and our own buried emotions deep within the memory of our DNA
  • We’ve been looking in the wrong place for solutions: it’s not outside, but…inside!
  • Multidimensional DNA – 97% quantum chemistry vs 3% 3D chemistry identified by old science, modern quantum science – whole new paradigm!
  • Making new neuro-networks by changing our own old, worn out habits, behaviour and routines
  • The cell membrane is the seat of our epigenetic structure
  • Our bodies want to be healthy and alive and continuously regenerate and heal itself:

Every 120 Days we make NEW Red blood cellsBlock - Beauty Being
Every 90 Days a brand NEW Skeleton
60 Days – NEW Brain cells and tissue
49 Days – NEW Bladder
45 Days – NEW Liver – NEW DNA Cell Material
30 Days – NEW Hair – NEW Skin
5 Days – NEW Stomach Lining!

Most important: NEW DNA every 2 months! If, however, you do the same things, hold the same beliefs and act out the same old lifestyle habits over and over, your DNA will create itself the same as before, with the telomerase enzyme becoming steadily less and less active as time goes by. You can change this pattern and assist in co-creating brand new, vitally alive and optimally well, DNA for as long as you CHOOSE to do so! Of course, doing this will support all the other renewal examples above as well

The reason we continue to experience the same problems of ageing and debilitating disease and sickness, is because we continue to recreate the same body by doing the same harmful things to it as we’ve been doing, (up to now that is!). The same old feelings, food, fears, worries, concerns, lifestyle – similar to breaking down a derelict house with a weak foundation, rebuilding it with the same inferior building materials that caused the weak foundation in the first place!

Even mainstream science acknowledges that we can easily become a healthy, vitally alive 120 years of age (our birthright as human beings),while current and future research is starting to indicate that even 200 years is actually an attainable human age!

Being firmly in the centre of the Baby Boomer generation (those between 45 and 63 years of age at present), who have moved boundaries and old beliefs in all fields of human endeavour, from science, to wealth creation, health and even deciding how we’ll enter the wisdom years to become at least 120, it has become my life purpose to educate others of my generation, while providing the tools and techniques for us all to use to live the long, healthy, productive and creative lives in joy and playfulness, that is our birth right and the purpose of our souls’ journey on earth!This is the legacy I’d like to leave for future generations.

This program is not only for Baby Boomers, of course, but for anyone wanting to take self-responsibility for their own health and wellbeing, at any age!

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