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At Ariani Health Solutions we practise  natural integrative medicine.  Our approach goes deeper than only trying to take care of the body and its symptoms. We dig a little deeper to include the mind and emotions.  Illness and dis-ease stem from this deep level that is often not visible when using regular diagnostic methods.

With so many tools available, it is easier to support our patients for the body to do what it actually  wants to do: to heal, find balance and return to homeostasis.*

We are experts in health care, committed and passionate about helping patients enhance their health by finding natural solutions based on their SMART needs and goals: EatSMART, FitSMART, EmoSMART, HerbSMART, LiveSMART and GeneSMART. We are enthusiastic about health education and ongoing research to help you take responsibility for your own health and wellbeing.

Our holistic approach comprises of Natural Integrative Medicine, Weight Control ClinicYouthful Living, Workplace Wellness and PlayFunFitness.

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