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About PlayFunFitness

PlayFunFitness is a fitness centre at the Weight Control Clinic. PlayFunFitnessPlayFunFitness was developed, by a highly qualified fitness specialist, to assist you in making your ideal body a reality. We make it personal! We specialize in a variety of effective exercise routines for fat loss, fitness and toning.

PlayFunFitness helps you to get your body toned and ready no matter what your goal or fitness level. Everything happens outdoors, with no unhygienic gym equipment, or boring exercises. The great thing is you get the optimal results with the correct type of exercise and you do not have to figure out which type of exercise to do or how many sets & reps; we do all that for you! 

Lets face it, we all know the multiple benefits of exercise, but there is no reason to have a boring repetitive routine. And not everybody knows what the proper form and technique of exercises is. The PlayFunFitness team knows how important form and technique is, not just to prevent injuries, but for optimal results and we can not put greater emphasis on it. Join a class and experience how fun effective exercise can be and make it easier for yourself to reap the benefits of exercise. 

About the ClassesSide plank

We strive for quality and not quantity! Don’t have time for exercise? Our sessions vary from 30-45 minutes, so no more excuses. A maximum of 45 minutes is all you need for a workout that will leave you wanting more! All the sessions are metabolic boosting and fat blasting workouts.

Each session consists of a:

1. Warm up

Prepares the body physically and psychologically for exercise. The warm-up increases the body temperature to prepare the body for exercise; it improves elasticity of the muscle, while preventing stiffness and injuries. Psychologically a warm-up is a good motivator for exercise.

2. Workout

Before the workout begins a highly qualified trainer will introduce all the exercises and emphasise proper form and technique. Common mistakes will also be highlighted to help you perform the exercises correctly.

3. Cool down

Helps the body to return to its state of equilibrium. Blood flow to the heart, brain and intestines returns to normal, allowing for steady state oxygen levels once more. The cool-down also prevents injuries

Group Class Times:

In Anri’s group classes she keeps things interesting by mixing it up and never doing the same class twice. Join a class and see how it is.Mystery Fitness

  • Tuesdays: 17h00-17h45
  • Thursdays: 17h00-17h45

For your personal health & fitness goal, Anri also facilitates individualised classes to help you reach your specific goal.

It is important to note that when exercising it might happen that your weight does not change significantly, but your body composition changes. Therefore the body fat decreases while the muscle mass increases, making you look tight and sexy!

The Programs

Individualised programs can be developed based on your needs and likes. It is very important to do exercise that you enjoy as the likelihood that you will continue with it is greater.

  • Effective gym- or home based programs can be developed
  • This program should be changed every 4-6 weeks as the body adapts to exercise.
  • This option is great for online or in-house

About the Owner & Founder – Anri van der Merwe

‘The humaAnri van der Merwen body has always fascinated me and my passion in life is to help others love, appreciate and take care of their bodies, physically and mentally. I am in love with all things wellness related (health, fitness, nutrition, nutrceuticals etc). My dream of helping others came true in 2013 when I started PlayFunFitness. I was already working at the Weight Control Clinic and realised that most people think quick fixes are the solution for long term fat loss. I also dealt with many people that were completely unsatisfied with their bodies and were filled with self-hatred. I do lead a healthy lifestyle (most of the time): I exercise and eat healthily regularly. Living a healthy lifestyle has never been a big problem for me, but I knew it was for most people. Please note: I have never enjoyed boring repetitive gym programs and obsessing over calories. The strangest thing is when I was not obsessing over calories and did exercises that I enjoyed, I felt and looked better and I found that this is the key to consistently living a healthy life. This made me realise that this is the way to help people love and appreciate their bodies. I then had the idea and opportunity of developing a company that combines fun with effective exercises that automatically leads to results. I finished personal training and strength & conditioning courses and went full speed ahead with PlayFunFitness and I daily try my best to motivate, facilitate, educate and support people on their healthy living journey.’  

Anri van der Merwe – BSc (Genetics, Psychology & Physiology), BSc Hons (Human Physiology), Personal Fitness Trainer (IIFT) – is a Highly Qualified Health & Fitness Scientist. Anri developed PlayFunFitness™ at Ariani Health Solutoins to incorporate fun and effective exercises for optimal fat loss, strength and muscle toning. Exercise is a necessity for a healthy lifestyle and needs to become a habit for everyone. Anri takes fitness level into account when working with clients. Anri facilitates small group classes and develops gym or home based personalised programs suited for your need and goal. Anri is also available for fitness consultations and fitness tests. Anri is also registered as an Holistic Counsellor at ASCHP (Association for Supportive Counsellors & Holistic Practitioners) and assists patients on their health and fat loss journeys. Read more about Anri’s journey here.

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