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8 November 2018 (Hermanus): Inflammaging, The Secret Inside Your Genes

Youthful Living to Reduce Identified Genetic Health Risks

If you could safeguard your future health, would you?

Come and listen to Dr Arien van der Merwe (Natural, Integrative, Functional Medical Doctor) discuss this fascinating topic. Incorporating Genetic Screening in her preventative approach leading to a truly personalised treatment protocol for each individual.

Dr Arien will discuss inflammaging, your genes and genetic screenings and what it can do to improve your health and wellbeing.

Date: 8 November 2018The Secret Inside Your Genes

Time: 18h00-19h30 (registration: 17h30)

Venue: At our brand new offices: Arundel Medical Centre, 1st floor. 20 Arundel St, c/o Church and Arundel Dr, Hermanus. Call us for more information: 0815111809 or

Price: Tickets = R150 pp

Come and find out what your genes (DNA) have to say about:

  • Your DNA and Overall health:
    • Your health risk associated with lifestyle diseases (overweight/obesity, heart disease risk, type 2 diabetes, insulin related diseases, cholesterol, stress and mood disorders e.g. anxiety and depression, bone, cancer, blood pressure etc)
    • Inflammation (cause of all lifestyle diseases)
    • Your body’s response to specific prescription drugs
  • Your DNA and Diet: 
    • Are you lactose intolerant?
    • How does your body process caffeine?
    • What eating plan should you follow?
    • Is your metabolism working optimally?
  • Your DNA and Exercise Regime:
    • Should you do more cardio or strength training?
    • How is your muscle building capabilities?
    • Your injury susceptibility? 
    • Recovery and energy metabolism?
  • Your DNA and Longevity:
    • How well will your body age?
    • Is your inflammaging gene working properly?
    • Do you need collagen to assist you in youthful living?
    • Are your antioxidant genes working optimally, or do you need additional nutritional support?
    • Is your skin renewal and skin detoxification pathways up to scratch?

Genetic risk is a susceptibility, a potential and not an inevitability! Make your health your number 1 priority. Allow us to assist you with holistic health coaching, incorporating functional tools to prevent your genes from expressing as future disease. This is preventative medicine at its best!

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