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7 February 2015: Mind Solutions Workshop

Time: 10h-12h

Price: R250 p/p

Place: 360 Murray St, Brooklyn, Pretoria

This introductory Mind Solutions Workshop will touch on aspects that will be further explored during the full course.

Click here for more information about the full course.


This course addresses the emotional reasons for overweight as well as food addictions. It helps you identify and deal with the deeper mental-emotional, subconscious saboteurs that thwart your best efforts at releasing weight permanently.

Do you go on diets, lose weight with extreme willpower and effort, only to pile it on again, after 3-12 months? If you’re like most people, you’re sick and tired of battling with your weight.  You are hoping that THIS TIME you will FINALLY be able to drop the excess weight once and for all. It’s impossible to get rid of, or rather release, the excess weight doing the SAME THINGS you did the LAST TIME AND THE MANY TIMES BEFORE THAT – unless you do something DIFFERENT. You’re not alone!

Dr Arien’s Mind Solutions Workshop & Course might just be just what you need! It will help you make your own subconscious emotional saboteurs conscious, so that they can be released forever. The course will help you become aware and manage food addictions, reasons for behaviour and eating, and also teach you ways to effectively manage the daily stresses and strains around food and other health challenges.

Mind Soloutions Workshop

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