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3-9 April 2017: Dr Arien on Real Health (DStv 176)

real-health-antiageingDates: 3-9 April 2017

Times: Mon 18:00 | Tue 23:00 | Wed 10:00 | Thu 14:00 | Sat 9:30 | Sun 8.00

Topic: Meditation

Show: Real Health (Season 4 of Guiding You Home)

Channel: The Home Channel (DStv 176)

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Click here to read more about Dr Arien’s article on Meditation. Learn to Meditate: A life skill that will improve your health and happiness, while ensuring an optimal sense of wellbeing. Would you prefer a calmer, more peaceful life, managing the daily stress triggers with equanimity, as a human being (vs. a human doing!) from the still centre of a quiet mind? Learn to meditate, and it might just be the best health enhancing life skill gift you ever give yourself!

If you need some help on how to learn to relax, take a look at Dr Arien’s Stress Solutions Book & CD