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26 Mar 2021: Youthful Living: Practical Neuroplasticity & Creativity Workshop (Online Event)

Learning through Play and Fun

Build New Circuitry for Brain and Body, aligning Soul, Mind and Body

We are so excited to launch our (Dr Arien van der Merwe and Anri van Rooyen’s) first official Global Online Event: Neuroplasticity Workshop. 

We would love to invite you! We will only have this ‘Learn-play-grow’ experience ONCE IN 2021 so don’t miss out!

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Your mind can be your greatest ally or worst enemy. Is your mind working for you or against you?  By changing your mind, you can change your life! This is easier said than done! 

For this reason, our in-depth 3-hour Global Online Neuroplasticity Workshop will provide you with the practical and easy tools you can incorporate into your daily life to improve your brain and mental health.

Neuroplasticity explains how the human brain is able to adapt, master new skills, store memories and information. Research shows that neuroplasticity occurs at ANY AGE. Therefore, you are never too old or too young to improve your neuro health.

We will also provide info on holistic health tips, foods, herbs and more for neuroplasticity, brain and mind health. Including research-based protocols to lower your risk for dementia, Alzheimer’s and other mental health disorders.

Receive the recording and more. 

Date: Fr. 26 March 2021

Venue: Global Online Event (i.e. wherever)

Time: Registration 09h45; Learn-Play-Shop 10h00-13h00

Health Investment: R750 pp (Due to popular demand we have decided to only close ticket sales on 15 April 2021) 

Added Value: Recording of the Event, eBook on Neuroplasticity and relaxation track included.

Payment options: EFT, online- Payfast or at our office: Ariani Health Solutions, 426 Cliffendale Dr, Faerie Glen, Pretoria. Tel. 066 199 1038. Email:


Banking details for EFT’s:

FNB Cheque Account; Account Name: Ariani Health Solutions (Pty) Ltd, Account number: 625 694 578 17, Branch code: 252 045 (00), Reference: Initials & Surname_26Mar, Email proof of payment to

More information

Do you feel:

  • Your concentration can be better?
  • Your memory can improve?
  • Interested in learning new skills?
  • Keen to learn to manage acute anxiety & distress?
  • That your energy is low?
  • You are stuck in a rut?
  • That your thoughts are running all over the place?
  • Overwhelmed and stressed out? 

If you answered YES to any of the above, then this WORKSHOP IS FOR YOU!

You will learn to:

  • Calm your busy, loud, endlessly ruminating mind
  • Find your way back to your still-point
  • Respond to your deeper, persistent longing to experience soul-self & heart
  • Overcome overwhelm and confusion of the world
  • Reflect on your life, path, heart & purpose
  • Slash your risk of memory loss, incl. Alzheimer’s & dementia — even if you have a family history!
  • End brain fog
  • Improve your mind & brain health
  • Tips from studies of people with the world’s longest life expectancy
  • Sleep soundly and amaze yourself – sharper thoughts and more energy
  • Rewire your brain so you can finally create new healthy habits
  • Practical & easy neuro-tools in your neuroplasticity toolkit, to practice and establish new healthy habits.

Facilitated by

Dr Arien van der Merwe (Medical Doctor, Author & Specialist Holistic Counselor) AND

Anri van Rooyen (Holistic Counselor, Neurophysiologist & Health/Fitness Scientist).

Looking forward to seeing you there!

One comment on “26 Mar 2021: Youthful Living: Neuroplasticity & Creativity Workshop with Dr Arien & Anri (Online Event)

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JENTINA SNYMAN on Mar 24, 2021 8:07 am

Good day, Please note – I might not be able to attend the online session – please be so kind to send me the recording:

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