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15 April 2021: FitFood SMART Recipe eBook

Anri is launching her first-ever FitFood recipe eBook

It’s time for a massive celebration! After about five years, Anri has decided to launch her first FitFood SMART Recipe Book to help more people improve their lifestyles for the better.


This recipe book contains 50 quick, easy, healthy, delicious & low carb recipes to tickle your taste buds.


Anri’s passion is health education, more specifically teaching people how to live a healthy life with practical tools and techniques. This recipe book contains mostly 20 min meals that are diabetic friendly and Weight Control Clinic approved. Anri busts the myth that healthy foods have to be boring and bland, these recipes are the exact opposite: delicious and tasty!


The recipe book will only be available for a short period of time as some of these recipes are part of her FitFood Ready-Made Meals that she makes!

Health Investment:  R500 Click here to purchase.


The eBook will be sent to your email on 16 April 2021, or after that when you purchase. Please email POP to, so that we can send you the eBook!

From Anri:

My recipes are easy, quick, delicious, healthy and low carb. As diabetes is very prevalent in my family, this has inspired me to make my recipes diabetic friendly, as well. I also include recipes, as seen on kykNET (on Duidelik Dapper) and on Via (Minki).

If you want to eat healthy, but don’t know where to start or just need some more yummy ideas, then this recipe book is for you!

I would like to give a special thanks to my mother and business partner (Dr Arien)! Thank you to my soulmate and life partner (Rudolf) and to all my loyal FitFood customers and guinea pigs, the past 5 years. This book would not exist without each one of you! Cheers to you!

My heart is filled with gratitude and abundance. 🥰

Yours in Holistic Health and Healing!

Love & Light,


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