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‘Lose to Win’ Event Feedback

The ‘Lose to Win’ Event Feedback was exceptional and we would like to congratulate all the ‘Lose to Win’ winners!


‘Lose to Win’ Event Feedback

Trophy ('Lose to Win' Event Feedback)Lose to Win Floating Trophy

The floating trophy has its first winner on and we are looking forward to add a winner 3 times a year from 2015 onwards. Congratulations Sally for filling the first spot on our ‘Lose to Win’ trophy.





S'Lose to Win' Winner ally Giesecke – First Prize Winner of the ‘Lose to Win’ Competition

From left: Dr Arien van der Merwe, Sally Giesecke, Nellie Boerstoel (Weight Control Clinic Nurse)

Sally lost an astonishing 20.9kg in 3 months. The Healthy Living Space team is so proud of you!!! Well Done!

Sally: ’20 kg’s ago I was constantly exhausted and struggled to function at work. Now I’m feeling so much better and have alot more energy’




The Two Winners were Health Buddies throughout the 3 months and supported each other every step of the way.

YvSecond prize winnerette Prinsloo – Second Prize Winner of the ‘Lose to Win’ Competition.

From left: Dr Arien van der Merwe, Yvette Prinsloo, Nellie Boerstoel (Weight Control Clinic Nurse)

You are a star. 19.4 kgs in 3 months.






Leandri Lotz – ThiLeandri Lotz Thierd Prize winnerrd Prize Winner of the ‘Lose to Win’ Competition.

From left: Nellie Boerstoel (Weight Control Clinic Nurse), Leandri Lotz, Dr Arien van der Merwe

Wow! Congratulations to Leandri on losing 11.4 kg in 3 months. Amazing!

‘When I went to Dr Arien at the end of July 2014, after much inner work, I was finally ready to walk the path of health and to feel comfortable in my body. I was desperately looking for help to lose weight, because I could not function properly anymore, without getting breathless and exhausted. I do Latin American dance and I could not fully live out this passion of mine anymore, because a dance lesson was exhausting as I did not have energy to keep up the pace. It was the last straw and I made the decision to not just drive past the Healthy Living Space, but to actually make an appointment. I have lost weight many times before, but the winning recipe at the Healthy Living Space is the combination of the Weight Control Program, Nurse Nellie’s support and Anri’s PlayFunFitness exercise classes (that I am doing twice a week). My fitness level has improved so much (and my arms are half the size it was). I do not gulp for air anymore when I dance! Thank you so much Dr Arien, Anri, Nellie and Dalene! A dictionary does not have enough words to describe how grateful I am for your help and support.’



Aaryn Fourth Prize WinnerAaryn Sanders – Fourth Prize Winner of the ‘Lose to Win’ Competition.

From left: Nellie Boerstoel (Weight Control Clinic Nurse), Aaryn Sanders, Dr Arien van der Merwe

What a great job! 10.7 kg in 3 months!

Aaryn: ‘Dropping from size 18 pants to size 14 feels great! I’m loving the compliments. Feeling great. Thanks ladies ;)’




Lienkie du PlesLoyalty Award Winnersis – Weight Control Clinic Loyalty Award

From left: Dr Arien van der Merwe, Lienkie du Plessis, Nellie Boerstoel (Weight Control Clinic Nurse).

Special congratulations to Lienkie for losing 30 kg in 8 months. Super!

Lienkie: ‘I lost 30 kg in 8 months and can finally buy clothes that are pretty and not just clothes that fit me… and it is easier to paint my toe nails!’




The Healthy LiHealthy Living Space Teamving Space Team. Thank you to each and everyone of you: Nellie for the healthy snacks and supporting all the winners on their journey, Dalene for designing all the certificates and vouchers, Anri for making the stunning trophy and MOST importantly Dr Arien without which none of this would be possible.

From left: Nellie Boerstoel (Nurse), Dr Arien, Anri (Business Manager; Fitness Specialist) and Dalene (Beauty Therapist; Sales & Marketing). Click here for more about the team.


 For more information about the Winners Click Here.


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