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‘Lose to Win’ Competition 

‘The winner will be the one who loses the most FAT, NOT only total weight’


Dates'Lose to Win' Competition

Start Date: September 2014

End Date: 8 December 2014 (last weigh-in date)



First Prize:

4 x CoaxMED (slimming) sessions – targeted fat loss with medical equipment using radiofrequency and ultra sound to break and freeze fat cells from problem areas – worth R4400

Second Prize:

Weight Control Clinic Products – Appetrol, Heart Brain Body Support & Antioxidant, FatTASTIC drops, GlucoseSUPPORT drops – worth R1210

Third Prize:

Facial and Timeless DNA Serum – worth R800

Our moto: You are not fat, but simply have excess fat at the moment! 

Terms & Conditions

1. All entrants in the competition have to enrol in our Weight Control Clinic Program for the duration of three (3) consecutive months (normal package price = R2350 per month – R7050 for 3 months).

Or make use of our ‘Lose to Win’ Special Offer! 

‘Lose to Win’ Competition Special Offer:

To support you in your weight/fat loss efforts and for you to make a commitment to yourself, we have decided to give an even better discount (the same package for only R1800 per month, if paid in advance for the 3 months – total of only R5400)!

The ‘Lose to Win’ Package includes the following per month for 3 months:

    • Appetrol, FatTASTIC, GlucoseSUPPORT, Heart Brain Body Support & Antioxidant (worth R1160)
    • 4x Fat loss injections (worth R1400)
    • InBody assessment for each of the three months (each worth R250).

Your Price for 3 months (only applicable if paid in full) = R5400 (for all of the above) SAVING for 3 months = R1650

2. All entrants must come for final weigh-ins between Monday, 1 December 2014, and Monday, 8 December 2014.

3. The winner will win based on fat loss as well as weight loss. 

4. Results will be gathered and the winners will be announced on 15 December 2014 and will be able to use their prize from 15 December 2014 – 31 January 2015.

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