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Health Awareness: Your Heart

Your Heart: Shocking Facts & Stats1. Your Heart: Shocking Facts & Stats (Click here to read more)

A thorough heart health risk evaluation should form part of everybody’s yearly preventative medical examination, whether or not you have symptoms or a positive history. The natural, integrative holistic treatment options are aimed at improving energy metabolism inside the heart’s cells, as well as blood supply to the heart, while simultaneously facilitating the welcoming, releasing and surrendering of blocked emotional and mental energy. As one patient who participated in the world renowned Heart Disease Reversal Program lead by physician, Dr Dean Ornish, said: ‘Even if the tests showed my arteries hadn’t opened up (which they did!), I would still follow this program, because I’ve opened up.’


Your Heart Love and Intimacy: Romantic Love and its Complex Physiology2. Love and Intimacy: Romantic Love and its Complex Physiology (Click here to read more)

Most of us have experienced being ‘in love’ along with all the ‘roller coaster’ feelings associated with it. But what is love actually? Romantic love can be nerve-wrecking, confusing and somewhat terrifying, but also exciting, pleasurable and uplifting. Love is a multidimensional, universal and complex phenomenon and induces many physiological changes in the human body. 
Romantic love can be defined as a motivational state associated with feelings of attachment. It fulfills a need for commitment with one partner. During each phase of love, different neurological and biochemical systems are at work. This means that many messenger molecules, such as hormones play a role in love. These molecules give rise to different states.

3. Your Heart Doesn’t JusYour Heart Doesn’t Just Pump! 3 Secondary Heart Functions That Affects Yout Pump! 3 Secondary Heart Functions That Affects You (Click here to read more)

My heart’s not in it anymore’; ‘my heart is sore’; ‘my heart is breaking’. We have all uttered these phrases. They are not simply figures of speech, but very often unconsciously uttered, based on our intuitive understanding of the heart as seat of the emotions and soul. In all cultures and religions, the experience of peace, love, healing and harmony are seated in the heart and thymus (responsible for immunity) region in the chest. Feelings of love also have a positive influence on the immune system, hormones and cognitive brain function. 

 Four Levels: Healing your Heart4. Four Levels: Healing your Heart (Click here to read more)

The four levels of healing your heart:

  • Physical: Opening your heart – healing your physical body to release cell memories, optimize physical health and use the body to connect to your mind, emotions and soul essence
  • Emotional: Opening your heart – healing your emotions or feelings towards yourself and others
  • Mental: Opening your heart – healing your thoughts
  • Soul: Opening your heart – connect to your soul


How Unforgiveness Affects Your Heart 5. How Unforgiveness Affects Your Heart (Click here to read more)

Forgiveness is one of the most difficult things for human beings to do. To us, revenge can seem right and even taste sweet, but it comes at a great cost to our health, especially the health of our hearts. Letting go of anger, resentment and bitterness against those who wronged you, your family, or challenged your belief systems, can be the best thing you’ll ever do for your health. Click here to read more



The Most Important Nutrients for Your Heart Health6. The Most Important Nutrients for Your Heart Health (Click here for more information)

  • Nutrients essential for the optimal functioning of the heart
  • The role of homocystein
  • Nutritional deficiencies associated with prescription drugs used for your heart

The countries around the Mediterranean Sea have a daily siesta time after their phyto (=plant) nutrient, fish and olive oil rich lunch as part of their cultural habit – this lowers stress levels by allowing the parasympathetic nervous system to re-balance the sympathetic or stress nervous system response.


Your Heart Health in a Nutshell7. Heart Health in a Nutshell (Click here fore more information)

A holistic approach to heart healing:

  • Heart space including location, endocrine glands and body parts involved 
  • Aromatic oils
  • Spices, foods, medicinal plants and herbs

Heart centered wellness is an example of energy medicine and science combining in a healing dance where fact, mystery, imagination and soul exploration create an aspect of wholeness.

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