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(CoaxMED/Slimming: Targeted Fat Loss)

Clinically proven results for face and body!

Very different from antiageing, cellulite and body treatments currently used, the multifunctional technology of CoaxMED (radiofrequency + ultrasound (sonar) waves + rhythmic vacuum massage + fat freezing) increases the quality of the aesthetic results with the following applications:

  • Aged and prematurely ageing skin
  • Acne& open pores
  • Collagen reactivation
  • Cellulite treatment
  • Pre- and post-liposuction
  • Body treatments –reshaping and contouring
  • Targeted fat loss
    • Difficult areas: saddle bags, tummy fat, under arms, upper legs, etc.
  • Face treatments – wrinkle reduction, double chin, sagging
  • Skin firming& rejuvenation

How does CoaxMED work?

CoaxMED provides multiple treatment effects:

  1. Radiofrequency(micro current)– deep and superficial uniform heating is delivered to tighten the skin and muscles of both face and body
  2. Low Frequency Ultrasound (cavitation sonar) – mechanical vibration and disruption of fibrosis and fat cells. Released fat is expelled from the cells and then eliminated through the metabolism, due to the reactivated blood microcirculation.
  3. Fat Freezing – Reduction of fat cell depositsdue to the sequential process of intense heat (60°) and intense cold (-10°) that is able to target only the fat cells in the specific area being treated
  4. Sub-dermal Massage – Specially designed suction cups increase the metabolism of stored energy and promote lymphatic drainage

Is it safe?

CoaxMED system guarantees sensational results with little discomfort and no side effects.

How many treatments will be necessary?

Results are visible even after the first session. CoaxMED combines multiple modes of action capable of producing evident changes on skin elasticity, cellulite and centimetres lost. CoaxMED guarantees stable results after an average of 6-8 sessions.

Are the results permanent?

Results are permanent. However, the beneficial effects of the treatment will gradually diminish with the natural ageing process. Note: smoke, stress, alcohol, lack of exercise and suppleness, excessive exposure to the sun and poor eating habits all accelerate the ageing process.

Why choose CoaxMED over other procedures?

Clinical trials have shown that the results obtained with CoaxMED are extremely satisfactory, effective, safe and without doubt a revolutionary approach in the treatment of skin ageing, cellulite and excess fat.

Additional options to add to and enhance face contouring and sculpting

  1. Timeless DNA Serum applied after each treatment
  2. Just Pure Facial
  3. Lipo and Cellulite Gel to use between sessions for even better results

Treatment Frequency

  • Body: contouring and sculpting treatments are recommended every 7-14 days per segment, depending on general health and skin condition, skin thickness and size of area to be treated. If you are not too overweight, living a healthy lifestyle and area to be sculpted is relatively small, we recommend 7 days between sessions. If however, you are reasonably, or very overweight and/or not living a healthy lifestyle, we recommend 14 days between sessions to allow your body to recover and efficiently release fat and toxins after each treatment session.
  • Face: 7-10 days between contouring and sculpting sessions.
  • Recommended: 4-12 treatments (depending on above) for longer lasting results
  • Maintenance: as a general recommendation, one treatment per month is recommended for 3 months, and thereafter at 3-6 month intervals. It all depends, however, on your skin condition, number of fat cells targeted and how well you follow our recommendations, especially about drinking water before your appointment, and thereafter, not eating oils, carbs or any sugar after your appointment as well as the day thereafter.

Preparing for your treatment and afterwards

  • Drink 2-3 glasses of water before your treatment for proper hydration of your whole body. This will make the treatment much more effective.
  • Drink 1 glass of water per 10kg body weight per day after your treatment and in between sessions, for the duration of your treatment. This will also help to create a new behaviour brain pattern to carry on with as part of your new, healthy lifestyle J
  • Do not eat any oil, fat, carbohydrates or sugar after each treatment session, and for the rest of that day. This is to ensure that the fat released during the treatment, is preferentially used for fuel or energy by your body. If you eat sugar for instance, your body will use that as fuel and the treatment will be less effective. You can eat protein (fish, meat, chicken) and salad or stir fry veges. Use the ingredients as per the Weight Control Clinic booklet guidelines.
  • Remember to exercise after treatments

Allow our creative artists to sculpt your body!

Medical & Aesthetic Centre @ The Weight Control Clinic

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Beatrix on August 7, 2014 7:51 pm

Ek woon in Port Edward KZN.
Is CoaxMED behandelings beskikbaar aan die Natalse Suidkus?

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Anri van der Merwe on August 11, 2014 11:51 am

Beste Beatrix.
Ek weet ongelukkig glad nie of dit beskikbaar is in Port Edward nie. Jammer dat ek nie kon help nie.
Lekker dag verder.

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