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Dr Arien van der Merwe MBChB (Pretoria) FRSPH (London) MISMA (UK) is a medical doctor, specialising in body-mind and integrative, natural medicine, workplace wellness and stress management since 1995.

 ‘epi’ means ‘above’ or ‘over’ the genetic information encoded in the DNA. Epigenetic direct environment – all of which is in our control to manage and optimise: Water – the interior of each cell is water Oxygen: Breathing – if we breathe properly, cells get more oxygen for energy and cell function) Nutrients, micronutrients (food read more…

Some background to understand what telomeres are and what the enzyme telomerase does: The DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid molecule) is coiled up as chromosomes (ref. image) inside cell nucleus and contains the genetic code of all organisms. DNA informs cells which proteins to make. These proteins determine cell differentiation and every one of millions of cell read more…

(excerpt from my book ‘Health & Happiness’, revised edition 2013, available from An antioxidant is exactly what is says: against oxygen. Every living thing needs oxygen. But certain kinds of oxygen can be dangerous and detrimental to our health. During all the metabolic processes in the body, abnormal oxygen is constantly formed. In a read more…

A potent and natural Serum with health and longevity promoting DNA telomerase supporting ingredients, blended with moisturising, healing and nourishing, mostly South African oils. Special oils and herbs were carefully selected to nourish, deeply moisturise, plump and rejuvenate even the most sensitive and dehydrated skin. Some of the oils were also used as infusion medium read more…

* Each person is different and results will vary.

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